About the Artist

Judith D'Agostino was born and lived in Rhode Island during her early childhood.  As a teen and adult, she has lived in Italy, Germany, Hawaii, Missouri, Arizona, California and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the United States.  She enjoyed drawing as a child, but fell in love with oil painting after her mother gave her a set during her recuperation from a childhood illness.  Inspired by he great masters she was able to see in the museum's of Europe, she returned to the United States to continue her studies. D'Agostino received a BFA with Honors and shortly thereafter an MFA in painting.  Judith D'Agostino taught at the university level for several years and retired as Director of Education at a mid size museum in 2001.  She moved to New Mexico in 2010 where she paints every day and enjoys gallery representation, the camaraderie of other artists, writers and performers of Santa Fe.

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